Statement of Qualifications

JDMT, Inc is a woman-owned business enterprise that began doing business in 2002, combining more than a decade of the dedicated service and experience of JDW Engineers and Theroux Environmental into one firm. JDW Engineers provided professional civil and site engineering services in the greater Sacramento area since 1993. Theroux Environmental brought more than three decades of experience in environmental management and assessment to the services we offer. Together, our team of professionals has experience that includes project management, permitting and assessment, grant administration, civil engineering and construction administration.


JDMT, Inc provides consulting services for public and private clients focused on feasibility assessments, permitting, project representation, operational plan development and regulatory pathway compliance. Our experience in inter-agency communications bridges the gap between project proponents and local, state and federal regulators. We are dedicated to finding functional, economically viable solutions to challenges facing industries, municipalities and agencies. Our success is achieved by developing simple, economical, and innovative solutions to project challenges. The services we provide focus on:


·      Renewable Energy and Green Fuels Project Development and Management Services- Conversion Technology (CT) and Distributed Energy (DE) generation for combined heat, cooling and power (CCHP), waste-to-energy and fuels industrial biorefinery project assistance, “smart grid” integrated campuses systems integration, assessment of resource availability, characterization, and valuation coupled with environmental and multi-market economic analyses, development of “best available technology” project solutions. 


·      Non-Hazardous Waste Management, Resource Recovery and Management Services - Resource recovery and utilization, environmental quality assessment, compliance and impact mitigation for landfill, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), green waste, composting, co-composting and waste-to-energy operations, feedstock characterization, Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP) development, Solid Waste Facilities permits and Disposal and Non-disposal Element reports.


·      Governmental Affairs and Permit Pathway Development –Relations maintained with key California and federal agency upper level staff, program engagement and tracking of legislation, law, regulation and policy regarding waste management, resource recovery, renewable and sustainable energy development, permitting, programmatic support and grant funding.